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PHP Tools & WordPress

PostPosted: August 17th, 2017, 6:08 pm
by davidshq
Hi Folks,

I'm wondering what best practices are for using PHP Tools with WordPress. I've watched some videos I've found on YouTube, but hoping I can get more clarity.

For example, I have a WordPress plugin I want to work on, it is currently hosted on GitHub. But I can't just download the plugin and begin working, instead I need to install WordPress (okay, no problem) and then I can add the plugin to that install.

But this gets a bit messy. What happens if I have two or three plugins I want to have projects for? Do I create a separate project for each plugin with its own WP instance?

And what about GitHub? How do I say, "hey, pull these files down into this solution, but don't add the wordpress content to the solution, just these plugin files."

I'm imagining both of these are due to my ignorance regarding this product and github's vs integration, but hoping someone can point me in the right direction.