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"Resolving Issues..." but not using IIS

PostPosted: June 16th, 2017, 2:40 pm
by hk1
VS2015 on Windows 7 with IIS installed but not running

When I try to debug I get the Resolving Issues popup that wants to set cgi.force_redirect, cgi.fix_pathinfo, and fastcgi.impersonate, but I'm using XAMPP and am using Apache. IIS is not even running, though it is installed. All the checkboxes are checked and grayed out and the buttons at the bottom will let me "Continue" which I'm assuming forces all the mentioned settings here, or else I can "Cancel" which cancel's debugging.

I'm trying to setup and use XDebug and I just can't figure out why this popup is going to force me to change some settings that I don't need changed because I'm not using IIS.