ASP.NET Web Application

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ASP.NET Web Application

Postby cam-D357 » April 27th, 2014, 8:17 pm

Hello and Thank you for this wonderful tool that is Phalanger. My project is in Webforms and I have some php code I want to use with C#. I installed Phalanger with the setup, created a phalanger library class named PayPlugLibrary which content is :
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    namespace PayPlugLibrary {
       class PayPlug {
           public function __construct() {

            public function PayPlug()
            function build_data_params($amount, $currency, $ipn_url)
                $params = array('amount'=>$amount, 'currency'=>$currency, 'ipn_url'=>$ipn_url);
                $data_params = http_build_query($params);
                return $data_params;
            function generate_signature($value, $private_key)
                $privatekey = openssl_pkey_get_private($private_key);
                openssl_sign($url_params, $signature, $privatekey, OPENSSL_ALGO_SHA1);
                $signature = urlencode(base64_encode($signature));
                return $signature;

I referenced the ddl in my project, imported the namespaces in my code
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using PHP.Core;
using PHP.Library;
using PayPlugLibrary;
When I try to create an object
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PayPlug PP = new PayPlug();
in C#, I get the following error at compile time:'PayPlugLibrary.PayPlug' does not contain a constructor that takes 0 arguments.

I need those functions to process information for a third party website. I have had a hard time trying to rewrite these functions in C#, I couldn't. I am not familiar with PHP.

May be I am doing this wrong ? I need to send information to those functions and get returned values. Please Help !
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Re: ASP.NET Web Application

Postby Jakub Misek » April 28th, 2014, 1:19 pm


Thanks for using Phalanger!

There is small trick to create C# wrappers for PHP classes.

Classes that have to be wrapped has to contain following attribute above the class header:
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Or you can mark all the classes in your project by adding following somewhere
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[assembly: \Export]class XYZ{}
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Re: ASP.NET Web Application

Postby Ankur » November 19th, 2015, 11:21 am


I stuck somewhere.
I tried heavy googling from my side but no hope.

Than ultimately I decided to request you for help.

Actually I am .NET developer. Here I required to call a PHP code from .net.
So, what I did--- I created a PHP lib project using PHALANGER.

I put following code in a PHP class in that Lib project—

--------------------------(Code start)----------------------------------------


[assembly: \System\Reflection\AssemblyTitle("PHPLib")]
[assembly: \Export] // Special attribute // In the result, all PHP class functions will be wrapped in C#-like methods.

class AssemblyInfo
public function DecryptNow() {
$initialVector = "x2qecedrucruswaj";
$secretKey = "pharmacist news, Pharmacy news, news for pharmacists, news for community pharmacists,CPD articles and resources from Chemist + Druggist";
$encryptedData = "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";
$decryptedString = mcrypt_decrypt(

$myfile = fopen("c:/test.txt", "w") or die("Unable to open file!");
$txt = $decryptedString;
fwrite($myfile, $txt);

public function sum()
return 5;


-----------------------------(Code end)------------------------------

Now, here the issue is --- the inbuid function mcrypt_decrypt is not recognisable here. It is saying “Call to unknown function: mcrypt_decrypt”.
Can you please help to figure it out.

It will be a great support for me.
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